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Mission statement
The General Counsel Services Alliance (GCSA) was founded to serve the needs of innovative law firms that utilize the outsourced general counsel model of providing legal services. The attributes of such outsourced general counsel model firms are as follows:

  • Firm attorneys who have senior-level in-house counsel experience (or comparable experience and perspective) and are capable of serving in a General Counsel or Senior Counsel role
  • Overhead structure that allows significant price advantages and flexibility compared with traditional law firms
  • Leveraging of technology to provide fast, expert legal advice at lower costs
  • Established track record, as reflected in the size of the firm or the length of the firm's existence
  • Dedication to exceeding clients' expectations in terms of results achieved and value delivered
  • Commitment to professionalism, quality and ethics
  • Differentiation from temp agency, commodity legal services providers
  • Long-term career orientation for the firm's attorneys toward the outsourced general counsel model

Further, the mission and goals of the GCSA are:

  • To promote, and elevate the market's acceptance of, the outsourced general counsel model of providing legal services
  • To provide resources and information to the legal marketplace to describe the advantages of the outsourced general counsel model over traditional law firm services
  • To promote best practices in the outsourced general counsel model of providing legal services, with a focus on practices that enhance the value that clients receive from legal services

DISCLAIMER: The General Counsel Services Alliance (GCSA) is an alliance among law firms with similar philosophies and business models. GCSA is not a law firm itself and does not provide legal representation or advice to clients. By providing information to GCSA or to a GCSA member via this website or otherwise, you are not establishing an attorney-client relationship and the information you provide will not be afforded legal protection as an attorney-client communication.
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